Gift List for the Photographer in Your Life

The perfect gift for photographers are always hidden from non-photographers, while in plain sight for enthusiasts as well as pros. Photography usually starts out as an expensive hobby. The expensive part never goes away. A smart photographer always finds ways to accumulate the gear needed for the job. There are those jewels that every photographer needs or wants that will not break the bank. With this years holidays and the ever popular Black Friday amongst us, I have compiled lists with hopes of helping others find the perfect gifts for that special camera toter who loves to create images. These lists are divided into three categories. Light Modifiers, Accessories, and Cameras & Lenses are the categories I have come up with. Take a look at the lists below and purchase what you need right from this site if you want to avoid the crowds this season. I tend to stay way from the crowds by using sites like Amazon. I may be adding more to these lists as I come across more deals. Be sure to stay tuned and let me know how these lists can be better.

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Critiques: Are They Destructive?

As a photographer, critiques are where we get feedback from our peers. Peer feedback is very important in any creative art. The brutal honesty of other photographers is what we need as artists. Family and friends could never be this honest about something they know I care so much about. This is a great way to measure progress on improving your craft. As I always say, a photographer should always look to improve and learn more each day. Critiques are a huge part of my development as an artist. In my opinion, many experienced photographers forget how it was when they were learning. Somehow, they were taught how to make a good image and avoid common mistakes. I have been in many Facebook groups and forums where newer or inexperienced photographers are bashed or joked for the mistakes made in their images. Constructive criticism is meant to be a way of helping someone understand the art of photography. Destructive criticism is what I have witnessed on most occasions throughout my photographic journey.  

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Fast Pace of Event Photography

The photographer tasked with covering a huge event should be one who can handle stress with no problem. I have 20 years in the US Navy to thank for the experience of working in stressful situations. Many crack under pressure, but event photographers cannot afford to sweat a panicking bride or a micro managing executive. 
Types of Events 
There are plenty of events that require a photographer to preserve or document the occasion. The first event that comes to my mind is a wedding. Weddings can be some of the most stressful events for brides, grooms, and photographers. There is so much going on and no do-overs. The memories of a wedding are very important to the client, because it marks the day of joining or partnering with another person. If a photographer misses a shot or fails to deliver quality on time, this will lead to unsatisfied clients. This will also lead to less repeat customers and less referrals. Receptions are another event that can be a bit stressful. The most common type of reception is a wedding reception.

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Seiki 39” 4K TV First Impression

In my quest to find an external display for my MacBook Pro w/Retina, I came across a lot of reviews online about the option of 4K TV as a monitor. My first thought was negative. A television couldn’t possibly be as sharp and colorful as a real LCD monitor. 

I read review after review. I also researched by watching Youtube videos that were quite informative. A 39 inch display is very tempting because of the screen real estate. The size alone would benefit anyone that depends on productivity. After all of my researching efforts, I decided against the Apple Thunderbolt Display. I also decided against the Samsung 27 inch and an Asus 27 inch display. The size, price, and resolution attracted me to the Seiki. 


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